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We Help to Point You in the Right Direction

We support our clients and families before, during and even after their study abroad adventures.

Most important to us are safety, preparation and correct information, so we maintain open communication channels between our clients, their families, and service providers to make your trip memorable.

Language travel has many moving parts.

Clients trust us to assist with course selection, applications, finding accommodation, visas, banking, employment and much more.

Helping since 2007

Variety of Courses

There are many reasons to travel, work and study abroad. We can help you organize any of them.

  • Language courses
  • Specialist junior camps
  • Diplomas and degrees
  • Internships and programs

Expert instruction

Real innovations and a positive customer experience are the heart of successful communication.

  • Creating results.
  • Expect more
  • Good thinking
  • In real we trust

Lifetime access

Real innovations and a positive customer experience are the heart of successful communication.

  • Stay real always.
  • We have you covered
  • We turn heads
  • Your brand promoted
Our Mission

Why Niigata Ryuugaku?

Message from Our Director

私 自身、日本に住んで何年にもなりますが、海外で生活する 事の大変さを日々感じています。新しい文化、言葉、ライフスタイルを受入れるのは容易な ことではありません。また、これまでの経験から、『海外で学びたい』という日本人の素晴らしい向上心も、しかしながら外国式のコミュニケーションに対して 生じてしまう戸惑いも理解できます。オーストラリア育ちの私なら、あなたのオーストラリア生活の準備に大いに役立つ事ができます。日本を出る前に、オース トラリアの教育システムや日常生活、そして現地で直面するであろう問題を知り、新しいライフをスムーズに楽しくスタートしましょう!! PAUL JOHNSON

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We are more than happy to meet with you, answer your questions, and give you some advice. Either come and see us in-person or meet us online (Zoom, Skype etc.).

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We are always looking for new partners, new courses, and services to sell to our clients. If you'd like to advertise your institution or business, we would love to hear from you.

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